Saarland Consulting - Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz: Technology - Marketing - Sales, Organisation - Finance - Communication, Business creation and cooperation, Industrial Settlement

Areas of Expertise
Management and Organisation

Management and organisation constitute further specialisations in our consulting. Our consultants have predominantly acquired their expertise through operative work as top managers so that our consulting is a result of practical experience rather than of theoretical knowledge.

Human Resource Management

  • personnel consulting
  • recruitment
  • continued education of personnel


  • systematic counseling of teams and work groups
  • individual counseling and coaching


  • Forms of organisation
    – process-oriented organisation forms
    – function-oriented organisation forms
  • Organisation and structure optimisation
    – organisation development
    – analysis and optimisation of business processes
    – analysis and optimisation of information flow processes
    – analysis and optimisation of material flow processes
    – reengineering

Project Management

  • project supervision
  • project planning
  • project implementation through critical path management (CPM)


  • controlling
  • balancing
  • profit and loss accounting
  • finance and acquisition of capital
  • acquisition of governmental financial support on both the local and the federal level
  • assistance with funding applications

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