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The following examples are excerpts from current or recently completed projects. If you wish to learn more about these projects, feel free to contact us. Provided that the customers involved in these projects give us their consent, we will be glad to supply you with more details.

Raising capital and know-how


A medium-sized company developed an innovative product a few yew years ago and introduced this product into the market. Although the product worked reliably, technical problems arose when it was in heavy use. The product had to be improved in order to eliminate the existing shortcomings and in order to stay abreast of competing manufacturers. Neither the financial resources nor the required know-how were available. The problem was that these means had to be raised.


Consequently, several companies that had the know-how required for this specific project were contacted and a cooperation was established. Simultaneously, official institutions were contacted to explore the possibilities of securing public financial support for further development of the product. Ultimately, the financial resources were raised through a governmental program. After providing assistance with the formal planning of the project, the new phase of the development of the product could begin.

Effective distribution channels


A very innovative start-up company developed a highly promising information technology/internet product and introduced initial installations and applications into the market. For the company to grow substantially, it was, however, necessary to quickly create effective distribution channels because it appeared likely that competing companies would soon attempt to copy the product. Besides, a minimum number of installations in the market was required for the business model to be profitable. At the same time, it was impossible to distribute the product directly to consumers because the product needed to be explained to consumers and it was yet situated rather in the lower price segment of the market.


The company had to penetrate the market as quickly as possible and position itself quantitatively in its respective market segment. The idea was to form a cooperation with another company that already had established itself in the market and could provide a sufficient and adequate customer base. Some companies that were under consideration for a cooperation were contacted directly whereas it was also necessary to do research to find companies for a potential cooperation. In process of choosing the right company, the following factors were taken into account: size of the company, customer base, distribution channels and the company’s product and service history. After establishing a cooperation the turnover of our customer doubled within a short period of time.

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