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Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz

About Us
Corporate Focus

As we have extensive experience in many business areas our consultancy firm mostly works for small and medium-sized, technically oriented companies whose corporate culture we identify with. Such companies often need consulting since a limited staff simply cannot provide specialised knowledge and expertise to solve every question and every problem.

In most cases it would not be economical to permanently hire specialists. That is why our way of consulting is both praxis and application-oriented and it is embedded into a general strategy that takes the market situation into account.

Furthermore, we do closely cooperate with governmental ministries as well as institutions firmly affiliated to the government which support companies in the Saarland with respect to investment as well as research and development. In this respect, we do mediate between our customers and governmental institutions and we offer assistance with applications and other formalities. Another area of our consulting activities is devoted to supporting international companies in establishing business affiliations either in the Saarland or anywhere in Germany. We assess both the risk and the chances for our international customers and governmental institutions with regard to financial support and we provide assistance with the realisation of all projects.

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