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Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz

About Us
Serving Our Clients

In the process of consulting we consider ourselves as loyal partners to our clients and we search for potential improvements in previously defined areas of operation and organisation of our client companies. We incorporate as much internal knowledge of our clients as possible into our own analyses in order to build upon the existing basis. Moreover, we define the goals of any project in conjunction with our clients and their staff. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the agreed goals and make them our own.

We are not trying to do everything differently just in order to introduce new approaches. On the contrary, it is in many cases better to reorganise and properly channel existing knowledge in order to take the right action. Innovation is sometimes not realised because existing knowledge is at times not processed adequately.

In consulting we cover every business area in our customer’s company. Almost all of our consultants have many years of work experience with well known companies either in the area of production or in the area of management and have thus acquired their expertise mainly in the operative business. This hallmark differentiates us from other consulting firms whose competence often has to rely on theoretical university knowledge. For this reason, we are able to offer our customers extensive and practically oriented experience.

Our priority is to advance the interest of our clients through our performance. This is the focus of all of our activities.

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